Allocation mechanism

Total Issue of ISM: 490,800

12%: Mint As Mining
62%: Liquidity Mining
9%: Private Sales
2%: Airdrop
15%: Ecological governance


Mint Fee Mining

Since the minting requires a 2% transaction fee from the user (for example: user takes 1 HUSD to mint 1 underwriting Token and 1 insured Token, it deducting thettransation fee to get 0.98 HUSD after returning it back ), in order to stimulate users minting, we increase the mechanism of "minting fee mining". Users will get worth 2% of ISM transation fee after it's minted, which can be gained after the minted insurance expires.

Claim & Unclaim Liquidity Mining

In order to increase the liquidity of underwriting and insuring tokens, the liquidity of underwriting and insuring tokens mining output is ISM.

ISM liquidity Mining

Users who hold ISM can get rewards by staking Lp to participate in liquidity mining

ISM repurchase

The platform will repurchase ISM from it's income and revenue, ISM price is the support of income:

1. transaction fee income: 2% of transation fee will be charged after the user pledges for minting.
2. Machine gun pool income: users pledge stable coin to mint. The pledge stable coin in platform which are from users it will mine DeFi projects and obtain machine gun pool revenue.